Yoga Sound System - Volume 2 - What to expect

Volume 2 sees us visit the studios of All Out Design. We chose All Out Design because the studio is the perfect setting for an intimate yoga class surrounded by art and half pipes. It's the perfect backdrop to create a new and exclusive yoga experience. Steve, from All Out Design, also happens to be the designer behind the All Out Design logo. If you didn't get a chance to read his blog post then click here

When we started YSS we wanted to create unique yoga experiences followed by a social gathering. Mood and atmosphere are really important to us. We love the idea of practicing in the dark with a gentle luminous glow to guide us through the flow. The studio will descend into darkness and mood lighting and glow sticks will light us all up to create a soothing atmosphere.

The music will be a mix of deep house tunes and music specific to savasana mixed by our resident DJ - Tiny Islands.

To get into the groove we suggest wearing bring colors. If you really want to shine then all white on the night will be the best option. Position yourself under the black lights to obtain master glow status. 

Post-practice we will provide food and refreshments. YSS is a social yoga experience, so why not bring a bottle of wine or a few beers and relax in the comfort of new friends as our DJ continues to play chilled house vibes. 

The class itself will start at 7:00 but we encourage everyone to arrive from 6:30 onwards to ensure we start on time. We have the studio booked until 10:00 pm. So stick around and make some new friends. 

Haven't got your tickets yet - pick em up here.